Sichterman yachts

Sichterman Yachts combines decades of family craftsmanship with smart design and super yacht technology. As a result, we are creating an innovative company which will shake up the yacht industry in its own unconventional way.

With a keen sense of style, design and customer satisfaction, we strive to create a unique aluminium fleet from 15M up to 26M which our clients will indefinitely fall in love with.

Our fleet

Libertas 15M
Sichterman Libertas 15M
Felicitatum 20M
Sichterman Felicitatem 20M
Felicitatum 20M
Sichterman Felicitatem 20M
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Sichterman is about a group of passionate people that found each other in a shared vision about yachting. Every component of the Sichterman team has its own expertise, whether it’s about designing, constructing or selling world class and innovative yachts.

We know that individually we can all go a long way, but as a team we can conquer the world.


The creation
of excellence

Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder, but quality can be measured. The reason why we combined our vision with true Dutch craftsmanship and the passion of our amazing people. The only way to ensure every part, every element and every assembly meets our own impossible standards.

This results in aluminium yachts that are redefining the existing boundaries of yachting. Every so often, an innovative new company or product completely changes an entire branch. Sichterman wants to be that brand.

Nil vinclis
dulcius illis

Our motto: ‘nothing is stronger than our mutual bond’.
We found that, if you pursue a dream together, there’s no bridge too far to reach your goal. Our shared passion for Sichterman makes that, independently of what happens in the meantime, we will always continue our journey to change the world of yachting.

Libertas 15m & Felicitatem 20m Launched

The Sichterman

Jan Albert Sichterman was a Dutch V.O.C. merchant from the 18th century. Sichterman had a lot of influence on the silk and textile trade between Bengal and the Netherlands. After his career in the East, he returned to his homeland as a very wealthy man.

Sichterman was known for being a collector of valuables and had a great eye for quality and details. Today, his legacy lives on in our brand, fleet and our vision to create a successful company.