Named after Dutch VOC merchant Jan Albert Sichterman, the luxury yacht builder combines decades of family craftsmanship with smart design, as well as super yacht technology. This unique coming together of heritage and modernity, places Sichterman at the cutting edge of yachting innovation, about to shake up the industry in its own unconventional way.

Sichterman is currently developing and creating a unique fleet of yachts that range from 15 meters (50ft) up to 26 meters (85ft) and four of these have already been sold. Their clients will indefinitely fall in love with the impeccable sense of style, forward thinking design and technological innovations of these luxury vessels.

What started as an outlandish idea back in 2015, is becoming a reality in 2019 for CEO Bart Rehe. 

“I visited WJH Yachtservice in Workum (Friesland) back in 2015, exploring business for the Dutch sailing yachts Lemsteraken.”

“Talking to Jelle Douma, frontman of WJH, our conversations shifted towards the development of innovative luxury motor yachts and the rare opportunity we had if we joined forces. Today, those conversations finally become reality.”

For yacht builder Jelle Douma, the shift towards luxury motor yachts meant he and his family company had to adjust.

“We’ve been producing Dutch sailing vessels for decades. This leap we took is an incredible adventure. Building a Sichterman challenges us to increase the quality of our work continuously, creating boats that last.”

Luxury yacht designer Cor D. Rover and Van Oossanen Naval Architects completed the four pillars that Sichterman is built on.

Cor D. Rover, responsible for the aesthetic design, states:

“Everything we’ve learned about super yachts over the years, we put in this exciting fleet.”

“A Sichterman can be recognized by its modern feel, yet timeless design. The vertical bow creates a sense of robustness whilst making it one of the most efficient yachts in the market as well.”

Van Oossanen Naval Architects recognized the ambition from Sichterman, and challenged themselves to engineer comfortable yet stylish yachts.

Co-owner Niels Moerke says: “In the Sichterman fleet, we implemented two of our major innovations, the Hull Vane and the Fast Displacement Hull Form (FDHF). This unique combination makes the yacht generate less waves, have a longer range at cruise speed and a lower fuel consumption. Sichterman yachts are among the most comfortable and fuel-efficient yachts in the industry.”

“Our company motto is Nil Vinclis Dulcius Illis”

“Which basically means that nothing is stronger than the bond we have with our partners Cor D. Rover, Van Oossanen and WJS Yachtservice”, says Sichterman CCO Reginald Timmermans. “We know that individually we can all go a long way, but as a team we can conquer the world.”

The yachting industry is looking forward to this new, high-quality brand entering the market. Daniel Sola of Yachting Concepts, a full-service company specialized in luxury yachts in the French Riviera, states:

“Passion is a great value which has guided our company since the beginning. I would say this is exactly what we have found when visiting the Sichterman Shipyard in Holland. We’re looking forward to see their boats in Mediterranean waters.” 

With the first Sichterman almost ready for launch, the fleet will soon set sail.

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